How to Properly Interview Prospective Employees

Published: 22nd November 2008
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Interviewing a potential employee can be just as nerve wrecking on the interviewer as it is on the interviewee. To avoid sweaty palms, it is a good idea to prepare yourself with organized questions and a well thought-out game plan. To help all of our WatchMeFranchise reads who are going to begin staffing their store, please consider these 7 simple tips on interviewing potential employees.

Schedule the interview for at least a couple days after you have decided to review the applicant. Take the time to prepare the questions you want to ask, and make sure you ask questions related to the specific position you are hiring for.

Phone Interview
If you are hiring for a specific position then you may want to have a phone interview before an in-person interview. This will help you make sure the applicants are qualified, and get a good sense of their personality. If you decide during the phone call you that like the applicant much, then do not hesitate to setup a time for them to come to your office.

Stick to the Rules
Before holding any interviews, make sure that you reviewed all of your state laws on what questions you are not allowed to ask during an interview. Different states have different restrictions in addition to federally protected rights that you may not know about.

Standardize Questions
Have a standard list of questions you intend to ask all applicants applying a position in your company. Then you can add a few additional questions concerning specific positions easily when you need to prepare for an interview.

Keep it Light
When you interview a potential employee, make sure not to come off as too stiff or un-personable. It is a good idea to add a few light questions to keep the conversation fun. Not only will this make the applicant feel a little more comfortable, but will also give you a look into their personality and how quick they are on their feet.

Give a Tour
When you have an applicant in your office for an interview, feel free to give them a tour and introduce them to other employees. It will give the interviewee a good idea of what it will be like to work at your business. If an applicant decides the position or work environment is not right for them, it is best if they discover it now. You do not want to hire a new person and invest a week into their training before they find another job and quit.

Follow Up
Try to make your decision on which applicant to hire as soon as possible. Do this by scheduling interviews close together and taking good notes. If you find an applicant you think is perfect for the job, you will want to let them know as soon as possible as you never know if they are looking for employment elsewhere.

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